Session I. Current Trends in Mathematics & its Applications
Prof Rashad A. Al-Jawfi , Najran University , Saudi Arabia
Prof Shaaban , Abu-Youssef , Egypt
Prof OMAR MOHAMED OMAR SAAD , Helwan University , Egypt
Legendre Polynomials Approach for Bi-Level Linear Fractional Programming Problem
Prof Mohamed Mahmoud Aly El-Sheikh , Menoufia University , Egypt
New Trends in the Study of Nonlinear Differential Equations
Prof Vaclav Skala , University of West Bohemia , Czech Republic
Algorithm Complexity - Optimal and Parallel Algorithms and Preprocessing: Theory and Practice
Prof Mohamed Abd Elrahman Ahmed Hassan , Assiut University , Egypt
Common fixed point theorems
Prof Ahmed Khammash , Umm Al-Qura University , Saudi Arabia
Prof Valeriy Dvoeglazov , Universidad de Zacatecas , Mexico
P, C, and T: conservation and violation on the kinematical level
Prof Yaseen Ghlaab Gouda (Y. Gh. Gouda) , Aswan university , Egypt
Homology theory
Assoc. Prof Fathi M. Hamdoon , Al-Azhar University-Assuit branch , Egypt
Wingarten Cyclic Surfaces
Assoc. Prof Tarek Mohamad Elshahat , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
Quantum Information of Open Systems
Assoc. Prof Liang Shen , Southeast University , China
A note on rings with the summand sum property
Assoc. Prof Shaban Aly , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
Modeling Population Dynamics
Assoc. Prof marwa Elleithy mahgoup madkour , Egyptian atomic energy authorith , Egypt
Mobility Efficient Data Fusion for Wireless Sensor Networks
Assoc. Prof Ahlem Gasri , Department of Mathematics,University of Tebessa , Algeria
Super-stability of n-D quadratic systems
Assoc. Prof Abd El-Nasser Ghareeb Abd El-Rahman , South Valley University , Egypt
Dr Ahmed Khalf Mousa , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
On Separation Axioms in Fuzzifying Bitopological Spaces
Dr Hamdy Zyan Ali , Al-AZhar University , Egypt
Edge Based Region Growing of Graph
Dr Neveen Mohamed Kilany , Faculty of Science, Menoufia University , Egypt
Generalized Analysis of Longitudinal Data with Nonrandom Intermittent Missing Values
Dr Sherif Farouk Niazi Ali , Alazhar University , Egypt
Session II. Physics for Development and Modernization
Prof Ahmed Mohamed Abdel - Azeem El-Sebaii , Tanta unversity , Egypt
A. A. El-Sebaii
Prof Essam Ramadan Shaaban , Al-Azhar University Assiut branch/ Faculty of Science , Egypt
Optical constants and simulated transmittance spectra of polycrystalline ZnSe thin films using of Spectroscopic ellipsometry
Prof El Sayed Moustafa , Alazhar University / Faculty of science , Assiut branch , Egypt
Preparation, microstructural and optical Characterization of NiO nanoparticles
Prof ِAbdelslam Mohamed Abousehly , Al-Azhar university/ Faculty of Science, Assiut branch , Egypt
Interpretation the DSC overlapped crystallization peaks of Se75T15S10 chalcogenide glass in terms of X-ray diffraction phases
Prof . Mohamed Galal Ali , Minia University , Egypt
Amorphous diffraction and background separation for pair distribution functions calculations using XRD profile analysis
Prof Yasser B Saddeek , Al Azhar , Egypt
Development of new glassy materials from raws
Prof Ahmed Aly Ebrahim , Assiut , Egypt
Meson-Nucleus Scattering
Prof Maysa Fathy Kaid , Minia , Egypt
Microstructural and electrical characteristics of sprayed Tungsten oxide thin films
Prof Mohamed Amin M. Uosif , Al-Azhar university , Egypt
Natural radionuclides and heavy metals in marine sediments concentration in Quseir City and surrounding areas, Red Sea Coast-Egypt
Prof G. S. Hassam , Assiut , Egypt
Predictive Study of Sub Barrier Fusion Reactions in Terms of Their Excitation Functions
Assoc. Prof Eed M. Darwish , Sohag University , Egypt
Recent Progress in Electromagnetic Reactions on Few-Nucleon Systems
Assoc. Prof M. Shapaan , Al- Azhar univeristy - Cairo , Egypt
Crystallization kinetics of new compound of 35P2O5(45-x)V2O5xAs2O320Fe2O3 glass using differential thermal analysis
Dr Kassem Omar Behairy , Aswan University , Egypt
Investigation of 32S on 24Mg, 28SI, 32S and 40Ca elastic scattering at the energy range 65 - 151.5 MeV
Dr Abdelhaleem Mohamed Ahmed Abdelaty , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
Quantum Simulation of the 3-qubits Quantum Annealing Processor
Dr Hany Fathy Mohamed , Sohag University , Egypt
The large edifice in the colossal magneto-resistance of Nd0.6Sr0.4MnO3/CrO3 composites
Dr Mohamed Fathy Hasaneen , Sohag university , Egypt
Structural and optical properties of varies thickness of polycrystalline ZnSe thin films
Dr Massaud , south valley university , Egypt
Characterization of Lead Titanate nanoparticles prepared by Sol-Gel Method
Dr Mahmoud Bakr , Assiut University , Egypt
X-Ray Free Electron Lasers: Principles, Properties and Applications
Dr Mohammed Mahmoud Aish , Menoufia university, Egypt , Egypt
Mechanical properties of Ni nanofilm
Dr Mahmmoud Sayed Abd El-sadek , South Valley University , Egypt
Structural Properties of SnO2 Nanoparticles using High Energy X ray Data and Pair Distribution Function Analysis
Session III. Chemistry Evolution and its Impact on Life
Prof Mohamed Mousa Ibrahim Said , Kafr El-Sheikh University , Egypt
Artificial Thiolate-based Zinc(II) Tweezers as structural Mimic for the Active Site of of N-Ada DNA repair protein
Prof Mahmoud Riyad Noor Eldin , EPRI , Egypt
Water-In-Diesel Fuel Nanoemulsions as a New Alternative Fuel
Prof Mohammed S. A. El-Gaby , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
Novel synthesis of some hitherto unknown thieno[2,3-b]pyridine and pyrido[3`,2`:4,5]thieno[3,2-d]pyrimidine derivatives
Prof Othamn Abd El-Moaty Farghaly , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
Prof Abdel Haleem , Al Azhar university , Egypt
Al Azhar University
Prof Jawwad Darr , University College London , United Kingdom
The Benefits of Continuous Hydrothermal Flow Reactors for Advanced Functional Nanomaterials
Prof Ayman Hussien Ahmed , Al Azhar Univ. , Egypt
PtIV-oxaloyldihydrazone complexes: synthesis, characterization, optical properties and corrosion inhibition on carbon-steel in hydrochloric acid solution
Prof Gamal El-Din M. El-Kady , AL-Azhar University , Egypt
Antioxidant additive performance of liquid crystal in local base stocks
Prof mohamed abdel-Moteleb abdel-Raheem , Al-Azhar , Egypt
Spectrophotometeric Studies on Binary and Ternary complexes of Some Metal Ions with Alizarin Red S and Cysteine.
Prof Yossry A. Ammar , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
Novel Synthesis of thiazole, oxazine and thiophene derivatives
Assoc. Prof Marwa Farouk Elkady , Egypt-Japan University for Science and Technology , Egypt
Architecture of zirconium tungstovanadate into various morphological structures for heavy metal sorption from polluted wastewater
Assoc. Prof ibrahim fathy mohamed nassar , ain shams university , Egypt
Molecular Modeling Study and Cytotoxicity Evaluation of Some Novel Pyrazole and Pyrazolo[3,4-c]Pyrimidine Derivatives
Assoc. Prof Omyma Abd Elaziz Abd El-Latif Abd Allah , Sohag University , Egypt
Multicomponent Synthesis of Some New Hexahydroquinoline Derivatives
Assoc. Prof ٍshihab ahmed kadhim al-mutar , university of basrah- college of dentistry , Iraq
Assoc. Prof Hassan Abdou Kotb Abd El-Aal , Assiut University, Assiut, Egypt , Egypt
Friedel-Crafts Chemistry. Part 47. A Convergent Construction of Benzo-, Pyrido- and Quinolino-fused Thiazocinoquinolines and Thiazoninoquinolines via Friedel-Crafts Cycliacylations
Dr mohamed hasan ahmed abdalah , Al-Azhar , Egypt
The role of catalytic performance of V2O5 suppoted on different alumina
Dr Antar Ahmed Abdelhamid , Sohag University , Egypt
Synthesis and X-ray analysis of 1-{3-acetyl-2-(Aryl)-6-hy¬droxy-4-[(2-hy¬droxy-alkyl)amino]-6-methyl¬cyclo¬hex-3-en-1-yl}ethanone derivatives via multicomponent reactions using primary amino alcohols.
Dr Mohamed Abdelbaset Marouf , Al-Azhar university- Assiut Branch , Egypt
Gold Complexes with Benzimidazole Derivatives: Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Studies.
Dr Khairi Abdel Aal Makhlouf , Al Azhar University , Egypt
Potentiometric and thermodynamic studies of 2-mercaptobenzothiazole complexes with selected metal ions
Session IV. Advanced Research in Plant and Microbial Biotechnology
Prof Ahmed Hussein Mohamed El-Ssaid , South Valley University , Egypt
Studies On Mycobiota Associated With Wheat bran and barley Grains In Qena Governorate, Egypt
Prof Kotb Amer Farghali , Assiut University , Egypt
Ion relationships between plant and soil in xeric habitat
Prof Ibtisam E. Tothill , Cranfield University, England, UK , United Kingdom
Biosensor Platforms for pathogens detection in foods.
Prof Sabry Younes Mohamed Mahmoud , Sohag University , Egypt
Plant Viruses
Prof Abdel-Wahab Sadek El-Enany , Assiut University, Assiut , Egypt
Amelioration of soil alkalinity stress in Vigna unguiculata plants using Bioagents
Prof Sahar Abdelfatah Zaki , City of scientific research and technological applications , Egypt
Nanosilver applications in water treatment
Prof Desouky ahmed mohamed abdelhaleem , City of scintefic research and technological application , Egypt
Prof emad Eddin Abbas Aweys , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
Evaluation of callus responses of Solanumnigrum L. exposed to biologically synthesized silver nanoparticles
Prof Mikhail Mikhailov Ivanovich , Faculty of Medicine, People’s Friendship, University of Moscow, , Russian Federation
Hepatitis A - a modern approach to the problem
Prof Elena Malinnikova , Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow, , Russian Federation
Hepatitis E value for the non-endemic regions
Prof Naresh Magan , Cranfield University, Cranfield, Bedford MK43 0AL, , United Kingdom
Food Security, Climate change and crop protection – do we know enough?
Prof Ahmed M. Moharram , Assiut University , Egypt
Nutritional and medicinal value of macrofungi.
Prof El-Sayed E. Hafez , City of Scientific Research and Technology Application, Alexandria, Egypt. , Egypt
Advances of Molecular Markers Applications in Plant Pathology Research.
Prof Usama M. Abdul-Rauof , Al-Azhar University, Assiut , Egypt
Isolation and identification of Streptococcus faeciumThermo/MA and Escerichia coli from of private Ground water resources at Assiut governorate, Egypt
Prof Sabah Saber Mohamed , Sohag University , Egypt
New Trends in Mycotoxins Detection
Prof Magdy Mohamed Afifi , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
Isolation and Biotyping of Brucella melitensis from Upper Egypt
Prof Ahmad Mohamad Abdel-Raheem , The Head of Botany Department , Egypt
Prof Abdel-Rahim Ahmed El-Shanawany , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
Detecion of Mycotoxins and Mycotoxigenic fungi in wheat flour from different regions of Egypt
Assoc. Prof Emad A. Ahmed Abdelgaber , Faculty of Science, Assiut University, Dept. of Molecular Biology and Biotech. Univ of Sheffield University, UK , Egypt
DNA repair and meiotic recombination during meiosis
Assoc. Prof Mohamed Kamel Ahmed , South Valley University , Egypt
Session V. Earth Sciences and Future Development
Prof Alaa Mostafa Mohamed , Al-Azhar University-Assiut Branch , Egypt
Sedimentological studies of the Upper Cretaceous successions in the southern Galala Plateau, Eastern Desert, Egypt.s
Prof Ahmed Mohamed Abdel-Moneam Orabi , Geology Department – Faculty of Science– Al-Azhar University - Assiut , Egypt
Prof Abdelhamid Elshater Abdelhamid , Sohag University , Egypt
Bentonite in the Paleonile sediments of Sohag region, Egypt
Prof Elsayed Abbas Zaghloul , National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences , Egypt
Remote Sensing Applications on Detecting and Preserving
Prof Tawfik Mahran , Geology Dept. Faculty of Science, Sohag University , Egypt
Paleoerosion surfaces and karst landforms of the Eocene carbonate plateau, west of the Nile Valley (Sohag) : implications on natural-induced geohazards and impacts
Assoc. Prof Abd-Alrahman Alsayed Ali Embaby , Damietta University , Egypt
Assoc. Prof Mohammed Zaky El-Bialy , Port said University , Egypt
Provenance of the Cryogenian-Ediacaran Um Zariq and Malhaq formation metasediments, Kid metamorphic complex, Sinai, Egypt: constraints from LA-ICP-MS trace element geochemistry of detrital Zircon
Dr Hatem F. Hassan , Port Said University , Egypt
Sequence biostratigraphic analysis of the early Paleogene at south Sinai, Egypt
Dr Mostafa Kamel Abdelghny Radwan , Al Azhar Univ. , Egypt
Integration of RS& GIS to Manage the sustainable Development in the desert Nile Valley fringes of Assiut-Sohag Governorate, Upper Egypt
Dr Abdellah Sadek Tolba Hassan , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
Petrology and Petrotectonic of Neoproterozoic ultrabasic – basic rocks of El-Mutaghairat area Southern Eastern Desert, Egypt.
Dr El-Montser Mahmoud Seleem , Geology Dept, Faculty of Science, Al Azhar University, Assiut, Egypt , Egypt
Heavy Metal pollution of Alexandria-Marsa Matruh highway Roadside Soils, Egypt.
Dr Mostafa AbuBakr , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
Radar and Thermal Remote Sensing Data for Monitoring Renewable Groundwater Resources in Northern Sinai, Egypt
Dr Omar Abdelaziz Othman MOHAMED , Minia University , Egypt
Relative sea level change in the Cenomanian age and sequence stratigraphy of Raha Formation, Bakr Oil Field, Gulf of Suez, Egypt
Dr Shehata Ali Shehata Ali , Minia , Egypt
Mantle rocks from Neoproterozoic Gerf ophiolite, South Eastern Desert, Egypt: a case for a possible boninitic fore-arc oceanic fragment
Dr Kamel Hussien Mahfouz Hussien , Faculty of Science, El-Azhar University-Assiut Branch , Egypt
Santonian/Campanian boundary at northwestern Sinai, Egypt:inference from foraminiferal faunal analysis
Dr Mohamed A. Tammam , Geology Dept., Faculty of Science, Sohag University , Egypt
Stratigraphy, sedimentology and tectonic evolution of the syn-rift siliciclastic-carbonate succession in Sidri-Feiran area, SW Sinai, Egypt
Mr Abd Allah Hassan , Al Azhar university , Egypt
karst subsidence as a control on the accumulation and Preservation of fluvial sand deposits and implications of groundwater resources: Example in Pre-Eonile paleorivers, Western limestone plateau, Nile valley, Egypt
Mr Mahmoud Abd-Elkarim Abd-Elhafiz Abd-Allah , Al-Azhar University, , Egypt
Evaluation and treatment of waterlogging for drinking, irrigation and industrial uses in El Obour city East Cairo, Egypt.
Mr Davies Oluwasegun Ishola , Ipola Limited , Azerbaijan
Mr Mohamed salah sayed Mohamed arfa , Al-Azhar university , Egypt
Session VI. Basic and Applied Zoological Researches
Prof Mohsen A. Moustafa , Al Azhar university , Egypt
Effect of indomethacin on Implantation-associated histological changes in the mouse uterus.
Prof Manal Moustafa Mahmoud Sabrah , NIOF, Egypt , Egypt
Age, Growth and demographic structures of thorny Flathead Rogadius asper, Cuvier, 1829 (Pieces: Platycephalidae) from the coastal waters of the Suez Gulf
Prof Mohamed Elsayed Khalil , Menofia University , Egypt
Histological studies on the effects of plant extracts on the greater wax moth, Galleria mellonella L.
Assoc. Prof amal mohamed mahmoud amin , NIOF .SUEZ , Egypt
age growth of bulinedea species in suez canal
Assoc. Prof Ehab Saad Elkhayat , Al-Azhar University, Assiut , Egypt
Chemical and Biological Evaluation of Haliclona sp. sponge
Assoc. Prof Sabry Ali El-Naggar , Tanta University , Egypt
Screening some of medicinal plants as anticancer agents
Assoc. Prof Gamal Badr , Assiut University , Egypt
Therapeutic efficacy and molecular mechanisms of snake venoms-loaded silica nanoparticles in the treatment of cancer cells
Dr Ali Mohamed Ali Mahmoud , Assiut University , Egypt
How to select a commercially virgin honeybee queen?
Dr Ahmed Mostafa Abdelrahim , Assiut , Egypt
Temporal analysis of 16 STRs loci in human blood drawn from two culicid mosquitoes
Dr Ola Mohamed Mahmoud Gad , size canal university , Egypt
Dr Moustafa Sarhan , Al Azhar university , Egypt
Anti-hepatitis C virus activities of crude venoms obtained from Egyptian scorpions as a potential therapeutic modality
Dr Mohamed M. M. Toutou , National institute of oceanography and fisheries (Alexandria) , Egypt
Dr Mostafa Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud , National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries , Egypt
Spawn and early larval development of Spanish dancer nudibranch Hexabranchus sanguineus (Rüppell and Leuckart, 1828) (Gastropoda:Nudibranchia)
Dr ElAmier Hussien Mohammed Hussien , South Valley University - Faculty of Science , Egypt
Dr Mahmoud Mahrous Sayed Farrag , Al-Azhar university , Egypt
Stock status of puffer fish Lagocephalus sceleratus (Gmelin, 1789) along the Egyptian coast, eastern Mediterranean Sea
Dr Maged Mohamed Ali Fouda , Al-Azhar , Egypt
Crustacean cardioactive peptide (CCAP) and Corazonin (Crz) as putative circadian clock output signals in the central nervous system of the terrestrial isopod, Armadillidium vulgare (Latreille)
Dr Mohamed Ibrahim Mekhaimer Elshehaby , Uni.AlAzhar branch Assuit , Egypt
Toxicity and biochemical study in the Cotton Leafworm, Spodoptera littoral is (Boisd.) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)
Dr Fathy Elshaer Mohammed Fathy Khalil , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
Histopathological Alterations in Gills of Some Poecilid Fishes after Exposure to Bisphenol A
Session VII. Environmental Science and Technology
Prof ismail abo-serir ElGhandour , Atomic Energy Authority , Egypt
Phytoextraction of heavy metals by canola (Brassica napus) and radish (Raphanus sativus, L) grown on multicontaminated soil
Prof Eman Abd El-Baset , Sohag University , Egypt
lead intoxication, caused by drinking water. Cases report from Sohag
Prof BOUMCHEDDA Khaled , University of Boumerdes , Algeria
Development of cellular ceramics of cordierite starting Algerian kaolin
Prof AWAD ABDO MOHAMED ELSYED , Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University, Egypt. , Egypt
Assoc. Prof samy abdelmordy khalil , NRIAG , Egypt
A Review of Solar Research Technologies
Assoc. Prof Mohamed Mohamed Sied Ahmad Amer , Faculty of Sharia and Law in Cairo - Al Azhar university , Egypt
Protection from environmental pollution Jurisprudential study compared to the Arab environment legislation
Assoc. Prof Noha A. El-Tayeh , South Valley University , Egypt
Growth of cotton plants (Gossypium barbadence) as affected by sewage sludge application.
Assoc. Prof Alaa G. M. Osman , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
In situ evaluation of the genotoxic potential of the river Nile: III. Gene expression of heat shock protein (HSP70) and metallothioneine (MT) using Qualitative Real Time RT-PCR
Assoc. Prof Alaa G. M. Osman , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
Assessment of water pollution in the River Nile by applying blood biomarkers in the model species Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus niloticus and African catfish Clarias gariepinus.
Assoc. Prof Hamdy Abdel-Azeim Hassan Aly , Sadat city University , Egypt
Isolation, identification and biodegradation characteristics of A new bacterial strain degrading TBT
Assoc. Prof Rasha Mohamed Reda Mohamed , Zagazig University , Egypt
Isolation of Oreochromis niloticus intestinal microbiota and their use as beneficial antagonistic probiotic bacteria.
Dr Alaa Younis , Suez University , Egypt
Dr Walid Mohammad Taher Elsawy Aly , The National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries , Egypt
Blood metal concentrations of Oreochromis niloticus niloticus and Clarias gariepinus as biomarkers of metal pollution in the River Nile
Dr Aldoushy Abdelkarim Ahmed Mahdy , Al-Azhar , Egypt
Ecological studies on zooplankton communities located off Megacities of the Red Sea, Egypt
Dr Adel dashti , alawlama company , Kuwait
Dr Ahmed Mahmoud Abbas H assan , South valley University , Egypt
The Effect of Laser Treatment on Seedling Growth of the Invasive Prosopis juliflora (Sw.) DC.
Dr Rashad El-Sayed Mohammed Said , Alazhar Univ. -Assiut branch.- Fculty of science , Egypt
Biochemical and histopathological alteration in liver of the Egyptian toad Amietophrynus regularis , as biomarker response to water quality deterioration at different localities along the river Nile, Egypt.
Dr Mahmoud Elrouby Mohammed Mahmoud , Sohag University, Faculty of Science , Egypt
Electrodeposited Nano-composite Materials based on iron oxide for Waste Water Treatment
Dr Montaser Aly Mahmoud Mohammed Al-Hammady , Natiobal Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries , Egypt
Dr Ahmed Awad Abdelhady , Minia Univeristy , Egypt
Phenotypic differentiation of the Red Sea gastropods in response to the environmental deterioration: Geometric morphometric approach
Session VIII. Innovative Drug Research & Development
Assoc. Prof Saleh Abd El Rasoul Ibrahim , Azhar University , Egypt
Assoc. Prof Gamal Zayed , Azhar University , Egypt
Future of Nanotechnolgy
Assoc. Prof Sabrin Ragab Mohamed Ibrahim , Assiut University , Egypt
Alnuheptanoid B: A new Cyclic Diarylheptanoid from Alnus japonica Stem Bark
Assoc. Prof Abeer Mohamed AliElSayed , CairoUniversity Faculty of Pharmacy , Egypt
Omega-3fatty acids of Flax seed as treatment for Diabetic nephropathy
Assoc. Prof Amal Kamal Hussein , Minia University , Egypt
Evaluation of optimized silymarin loaded pluronic lecithin organogels as a new topical formulation for treatment of atopic dermatitis patients
Assoc. Prof Hatem Abd ELmonsef Sarhan , Minia University , Egypt
Formulation and evaluation of flurbiprofen loaded niosomes system
Assoc. Prof Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim Mansour , Faculty of Pharmacy, Al-Azhar University , Egypt
Assoc. Prof Ehab Saad Mohammed Elkhayat , Al-Azhar University, Assiut branch , Egypt
Chemical and Biological Evaluation of the Indo-Pacific
Assoc. Prof Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed Elsayed , Sohag University , Egypt
Assoc. Prof Usama Farghaly Aly , Minia University -Faculty of Pharmacy , Egypt
Drug Safety in Lactation
Dr Mohamed Amr Sultan , Cairo University , Egypt
Dr Taghreed Zakaria Shawer , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
Synthesis, docking and anticancer activity of some new thienopyrimidine and thienooxazine derivatives
Dr Omar Khaled Samy Dalam , suez canal university , Egypt
Dr Nour Mohsen Mohamed El_Mazahy , suiz canal university , Egypt
Dr mohamed mostafa ameen taksira , sinai university , Egypt
Dr Waad El-Hosieny Mohammed El-Baz , Delta University for scince and technology , Egypt
Dr Bakheet Elkot Mostafa Elsadek , Faculty of Pharmacy, Al-Azhar University , Egypt
The antitumor activity of (L-HSA-DOXO), a lactosaminated albumin conjugate of doxorubicin, in a chemically induced hepatocellular carcinoma rat model
Dr taher mohamed yassin ibrahim , faculty of pharmacy-al-azhar university -assuit branch , Egypt
solubilityenhancement of tolnaftate
Dr Hesham Mohamed Tawfeek , Assiut University , Egypt
Lornoxicam mini-tablets: In-vitro - In-vivo study
Dr Reham Nasr Hamed , Faculty of Pharmacy/Assiut University , Egypt
Innovative Drug Research &Development
Session IX. Advanced Research of Agricultural Sciences (ARAS)
Prof Ali abdelgalil elshahir abdelaal abdelmagid , Sohag university , Egypt
Changes in physical and chemical properties under organic farming system - Tushka - Egypt. 1- Initial effect assessment.
Prof Hassan Mohamed Hassan , Faculty of Agriculture Minia University , Egypt
Effect of some antioxidants on the response of cotton plants against the infection with Tetranychus urticae
Prof Mohamed Soliman Ibrahim , sohag University , Egypt
Prof Zakaria Fouad Fawzy Hassan , National Research Cenrtre , Egypt
Effect of Foliar Spray of Asparagine on growth, yield and quality of two snap bean varieties
Prof Zakaria Fouad Fawzy Hassan Abdalla , National Research Cenrtre , Egypt
Organic Farming and Climate Changes in Arab Region
Prof Nihar Ranjan Chattopadhyay , West Bengal University Of Animal & Fishery Sciences , India
Misappropriation of Technology - a threat to the aquatic biodiversity & native fish fauna of India
Prof salem fahmy mohammed ebrahem , Al- Azhar university , Egypt
Effect of some hormonal treatments on improvement of fertility rate in Egyptian ewe lamps.
Prof Ahmed Hassan Mahmoud Abd El-Aal , Al-Azhar Univ., Assiut , Egypt
Effect of some micronutrients foliar application on fruiting of Zaghloul date palms
Prof Mohamed Kmal Youssef , Assuit University , Egypt
Healthy food and contamination of fruits and vegetables
Prof Nageh Sayed Mohamed Ahmed Omran , Sohag University. , Egypt
Foul brood diseases of honey bee in Sohag, Upper Egypt.
Prof Abdel-Monim Mohammed Abdel-Rahman , Sohag University , Egypt
Prof Mohamed Mostafa . El-Sheikh Aly , Al-Azhar University (Assiut Branch), Assiut, Egypt , Egypt
Thermotherapy for recovering virus-free plants of garlic and effect of adding plant extract to tissue culture medium on some growth characters
Prof Hamdy Ibraheem , beni swief university , Egypt
Prof Sabry . Ameen. M. Hegab , Al-Azhar Univ., Assuit, Egypt , Egypt
Heavy metals contaminated soils irrigated by sewage wastewater in Assiut governorate, Egypt.
Prof Dr. Khalaf Abed el mageed El-Aref , Al-Azhar University Assiut, Egypt. , Egypt
Response maize fodder to intercropping with maize grain yield
Prof Dr . Aly Sayed Aly Abdel_Mawgoud , AL- Azhar University , Egypt
Irrigation and fertilization management for crop production and environment conservation
Prof Gamal Fakhry Abd El-Naem FARAHAT , Minia University , Egypt
Effect of Antimicrobial Peptides and Trypsin Inhibitors Extracted From Kidney Bean Seeds on Some Bacterial Species
Prof Ahmed Gomaa Nassar , Al-Azhar University, Assuit, Egypt , Egypt
Decreasing of oil uptake in potato chips by Using of some hydrocolloids during deep fat frying
Assoc. Prof Nabil Abdul-Khalek Eid Azzaz , Damietta University , Egypt
plant natural products and health
Assoc. Prof Sobhy Ahmed El Sohaimy , City of Scientific Research and Technological Applicatons , Egypt
Biochemical Evaluation and functional properties of (Moringa oleifera) leaves as a functional food.

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