Session I. Aspects of Mathematics and its Applications
Mohamed Abd el sattar . , south valley university , Egypt
step-stress partially accelerated life testing based on Birnbaum-saunders distribution under type-I censoring
Mohammad Assem , Cairo University , Egypt
On the Number of Countable Models
A.K. Mousa , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
On L-semi-separation Axioms in L-fuzzifying Topology
Abd EL-Baset Ahmad , Assiut University , Egypt
Estimation in Constant-stress Partially Accelerated Life Test Plans for Linear Exponential Distribution with Progressive Type-II Censoring
Abd El-Monem Megahed , Suez Canal University , Egypt
A necessary and Sufficient Conditions of Multi-objective of E-convex Programming Problem
abdel-gawad hamdy , Cairo university , Egypt
On the general water wave propagation in a medium with time dependent diffraction and nonlinearity coefficients
Abdulsalam Almannaei , University of Bahrain , Bahrain
Dynamics of Multi-qubit Systems in Noisy Local Environment
ahmed moukhtar shehata , Al-Azhar University. , Egypt
Application of Model Predictive Control to Combined Heat and Power Dynamic Economic Emission Dispatch
ِAhmed Zahran , Al azhar University , Egypt
Almost Continuity and its application on Weak Structure
Ahmed Abd-Elhamed Mohamed Shoreh , Al-Azhar university , Egypt
Exact traveling wave solutions for the BBM equation, Schamel equation and modified Kawahara equation
Ahmed Gamal Hemeida Ibrahim Ghallab , Fayoum University , Egypt
Ahmed Zedan .. , Al Azhar university (Assuit) , Egypt
coupled fixed point theorems for generalized weak contractions in partially ordered metric space
Ali Khair Saber Alshabani , University of Sebha , Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Statistical Analysis of Human Hand Shape Data
Amena Assem , Cairo University , Egypt
The Power of the Depth of Iteration in Defining Relations by Induction
Arafa Nasef , Kafrelsheikh University , Egypt
More on simply open sets and its applications
Ayman A. Arafa , Sohag University , Egypt
Projective synchronization in coupled hyperchaotic complex systems using passive theory and its application to secure communications
Balwant Singh Thakur , Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University , India
Existence and approximation of solutions for generalized extended nonlinear variational inequalities
Bulent Karakas , Yuzuncu Yil University , Turkey
Modeling of Pronation Motion as Stewart Platform
Darakhshan Jabeen Syeda , Indian Statistical Institute , India
On vibration control problems
Dina El Manakhly , suez canal university , Egypt
no title
Session II. Physics for Development and Modernization
Ibrahim Sharaf , Al-Azahar , Egypt
Microstructural parameters and optical constants of ZnO nanocrystalline thin films
Abd el mo'ez Hussien , Sohag University , Egypt
Enhanced low field magnetoresistance by annealing process
Abdel Aziz Aboraia , Al-Azhar , Egypt
Structural and optical properties of varies thickness of ZnTe nanoparticle thin films
Abdel-Fattah Gaber Mahmoud Gaber , Assiut University , Egypt
Investigation of the precipitates developed in Al alloy (7475)
Abdelnaby Elshahawy , Assiut University , Egypt
Mössbauer Studies of Ni-Cu Ferrite Nanoparticles Synthesized by the Microwave-Combustion Method
Abdelrazek Abdelnaem Mahmoud , South valley university , Egypt
Effect of Iron content on phase formation and dielectric constant properties of lead titanate ceramics modified with La ions.
Abdul Majeed Eada , Ibraheem , Iraq
Modulation Band Energy diagram of SnO2/CdS/CdTe Thin Film Heterojunction Using I-V and C-V Measurements
Abdulameer Kazem Farhood , Al-Muthanna University, iraq , Iraq
Fabrication and Evaluation of Rectifying Characteristics of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) doped with Lithium Chloride (LiCl) Schottky Diode
Abdulnasser Saleh , University of Benghazi , Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Positron Diffusion Length in Gallium Nitride
Afaf Gadalla , Assiut University , Egypt
Synthesize and Characterization of Metal/Semiconductor Cor/Shell Nanocomposites
Ahmed ali Hassan mohameed , Al-Azhar university (Assiut) , Egypt
Characterization of MgOH nano-particles
Ahmed Aly Ebrahim , Assiut University , Egypt
Analysis of $K^{\pm}$ scattering by $^{12}$C
Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Hassan , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
Dynamics and Noise Associated with Current Modulation of Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers
Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed. Mostafa , Al-Azhar University, Assiut Brunch , Egypt
Natural radioactivity and radiological hazards in some building materials used in New Assiut city, Egypt
Ahmed S. M. Solieman A. Solieman , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
Effect Of Different Structural Aspects On The Optical and Electrical Properties of Nanocrystalline Thin Films
Ahmed Yousef Sayed Mohamed , South valley University , Egypt
On the optimization of zincite nanocrystals properties: the effect of solvent on structural and optical properties
Alaa Mahmoud Abd-elnaiem , Assiut University , Egypt
Formation of Porous Alumina Integrated on Silicon Oxide Substrate
Alhosein Abd Elnaeim , Al-Azhar University(Assiut) , Egypt
Structural and optical properties of ZnSe1−xTex nanocrystalline thin films in terms of optical spectroscopic ellipsometry
ِAli Elabd , Menoufiya , Egypt
Study on The capacitance between Orbitals and Atoms Modeling
Awad A. Ibraheem Awad Ibraheem , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
Some aspects of nuclear reactions for exotic nuclei
Session III. Development of Chemistry and its Influence on the Life
Ahmed Badr Ibrahim , Radioisotopes Production Facility (RPF)-2nd Egyptian Research Reactor (ETRR-2)-Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority , Egypt
Preparation and biological evaluation of 99mTc-sarafloxacin and 99mTc-danofloxacin complexes as a model for infection imaging
Mohammed Abdel-Motaleb AbdelRaheem , Al-Azhar university (Assiut) , Egypt
Influence of nanosilver synthesis condition on it's architecture
Mostafa Nassar , Benah University , Egypt
A Facile hydrothermal synthesis of iron carbonate: An efficient precursor to nano-sized iron oxide (Fe2O3)
Sayed A.S.Mouse . , Al Azhar university (Assuit) , Egypt
Preparation of polyfunctionally substituted pyridine-2(1H)thione derivatives as precursors to bicycles and polycycles
abd el azeem el sharkawy , benha , Egypt
Physico-chemical studies on catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide by promoted cobalt oxide catalysts.
Abd-El-Rahman Mustafa Hamed , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
Synthesis and Characterization of Cobalt apatite totally and half substituted by Microwave Irradiation. Antibacterial activity
Abu-Bakr Abelhady Ahmed El-Adasy , Al-Azhar University (Assiut branch) , Egypt
Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of some novel [1,2, 4]triazolo[1,5-a]Pyridine derivatives Incorporating Diphenyl sulfide Moiety
ِAhmed M. El-Saghier , Sohag University , Egypt
α-Alkenoyl Ketene S,S- and N,S-Acetals As Starting For Unexpected and Novel Synthesis of N-Heterocycles
Ahmed A. Omran , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
In vitro spectroscopic study on the interaction of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs with serum albumin
Ahmed Abdelhamed Abdelmageed Mohamed Khames , Al-azhar university at Assiut , Egypt
β-Oxoanilide in Heterocyclic Synthesis: Synthesis of Substituted Thiophenes, Pyrazoles, Pyroles, Pyrazolopyrimidines, and Pyridazines
Ahmed abd-el-maugoud Gahlan , Al-azhar university (Assiut) , Egypt
Spectrophotometeric Studies on Binary and Ternary complexes of Some Metal Ions with Alizarin Red S and Cysteine.
Ahmed Abdou Omar Abd El-Rahman , Assiut, Faculty of Science , Egypt
An efficient Synthesis of Some New Heterocycles Based on 2-pyrazolin-5-one
Ahmed Hosny Naggar . , Al Azhar university (Assuit) , Egypt
Square wave anodic stripping voltammetric determination of Mebeverin hydrochloride in tablet and urine at carbon paste electrode
ahmed ibrahim ahmed hassan , Al-azhar University (Assiut Branch) , Egypt
Qualitative and quantitative FTIR spectroscopic study of glipizide and gliclazide
Ahmed Mahmoud EL Nokrashy EL Sayed Ali Ahmed EL Nokrashy , Central Laboratory for drinking water - Mansoura , Egypt
Sorptive Flotation of Chromium (III) from aqueous solution Using Eggshell as a sorbent and Oleic Acid as a surfactant
Ahmed Mohammed Abu-dief Mohammed , Sohag university , Egypt
Kinetic investigation of hydroxide ion and DNA attack on some high spin iron (II) chelates Bearing ONO Donors amino acid Schiff bases
Ahmed Noman Mohammed Al-Hakimi , Ibb University , Yemen
Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and biological activity of 2-(p-toluidino)-N_- (2-hydroxbenzylidene) acetohydrazide complexes
Ahmed Zaky Sayed , Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University, Nasr City, P B 11884- Cairo, Egypt. , Egypt
Removal of Dyes from Wastewater after the Dyeing of Polyester Fiber by New Disperse Dyes Containing Thiophene Moiety
Alaa Amin , Benha Univ , Egypt
Morphological and size effects of nanosized ZnO via sol-gel combustion process and its photocatalytic and antibacterial properties
Session IV. Advanced Research in Plant and Microbial Biotechnology
Elsayed Bakhiet , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
Isolation, identification, and molecular characterization of Brucella melitensis bv.3 from retropharyngeal lymph node of sheep in Almonofiyah, Egypt
Marwa Elkady , City of Scientific Researches and Technology Applications , Egypt
Influence of hydrogen ion concentration on the production of bio-synthesized nano-silver
Abdel Kareem Sayed Hussein Mohamed , Al Azhar university (Assuit) , Egypt
Effects of salinity on Na+ uptake, Na+ translocation and salt resistance of newly developed maize hybrids in the second phase of salt stress
Abdul Wakeel , Univeristy of Agriculture Faisalabad , Pakistan
Sodium potassium interaction in soil and plants: updates on ameliorating effect of elevated K-fertilization on plant growth under saline-sodic conditions
Ahmad Mohamad Abdelmottaleb mazen . , Sohag University , Egypt
Simply attender
Ahmed Aly , Benha University , Egypt
Determination of caffeine in roasted and gamma irradiated coffee beans by high performance liquid chromatography
Ahmed Wardany , Al Azhar university (Assuit) , Egypt
Screening of morphological and biochemical changes in bean yellow mosaic virus during vegetative growth of Broad bean plants
Ahmed Wardany , Al Azhar university (Assuit) , Egypt
Screening the biosafety of Broad bean Production grown under the infection of Bean yellow mosaic virus up to crop yield
Ahmed Mohamed Abdel-Raheem , Sohag university, faculty of science, botany department , Egypt
Diversity of Freshwater Ascomycetes in Nile Delta Region (Egypt)
Ahmed Mustafa Abdel-hadi , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
Extracellular synthesis of silver nanoparticles by marine derived fungus Aspergillus terreus MALEX
Amani Marzouk , Mansoura University , Egypt
Microbial Metabolism of Danazol: A Contribution to the Detection of doping Drugs
Angel Medina , Cranfield University , United Kingdom
Screening for novel antifungal compounds to control mycotoxigenic fungi in glandular animal secretions
Dr Mahmoud AbdEl-Mongy , El-Sadat City University , Egypt
Management of bacterial Urinary tract infection by using antibiotic sensitivity
Eman Abdalaty Hassan Elwaleed Eman Alwaleed , South valley university , Egypt
Growth comparative studies on the effect of salt stress on Chlorella vulgaris and Chlorella salina
Francis Fakhry Hezayen , Aswan , Egypt
Production of an extracellular halophilic amylase from the extremely halophilic archaeon Natrialba aegyptiaca strain 40T
gamal lashin , Zagazig , Egypt
Hamed Mohammed , Faculty of pharmacy , Egypt
Anti-infalmatory Activity of Cathamus lanatus Linn
Hany Elsawy , Tanta University , Egypt
. Increasing the DNA substrate specificity of the EcoDam DNA-(adenine N6)-methyltransferase by rational design approach
Hassan A. Ahmed . , Al Azhar university (Assuit) , Egypt
Isolation and molecular identification of insecticidal activity Bacillus thuringiensis strain Alex-13 isolated from different Ecosystems in Egypt against Spodoptera littolaris
Hassan A. Ahmed . , Al Azhar university (Assuit) , Egypt
Characterization and Toxicity of Bacillus thuringiensis strain Kfr-24, and commercial formulations against Spodoptera littolaris
Session V. Geological Studies and Future Development
Abdellah Sadek Tolba Hassan , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
Petrology and Mineral Chemistry of layered Gabbroic rocks of Um Rus area, Centeral Eastern Desert, Egypt.
Ahmed Sefelnasr , Assiut University , Egypt
Hotspot Delineation in the Eastern Nile, Abbay/Blue Nile Basin, as a criterion for the optimal risk assessment and watershed management of the basin
Ahmed Mohamed Abdel-Monem Orabi , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
Mineral chemistry of different late and post orogenic granitic rocks surrounding Gabal Abu Kharif, North Eastern Desert, Egypt.
Alaa Mostafa , Al-azhar university (Assiut) , Egypt
Ali Mahmoud Mahdi Gahlan Ali Mahdi , South Valley University , Egypt
Lithologic Discrimination Using ETM+ Remote Sensing Data of Qena-Safaga Area, Eastern Desert, Egypt.
EL Montser Seleem , Al Azhar University , Egypt
Elsayed. Abuelella , Assuit University , Egypt
Heba Kamal , Housing and Building National Research Center (HBRC) , Egypt
Seismic Assessment of Rock Fall Failure of Umm Sid Plateau-Sharm El Sheikh area, Egypt
Kamel Hussien Mahfouz , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
Evolution of the Upper Paleocene-Lower Eocene sedimentary basin at Sinai, Egypt: evidence from litho- and planktonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy
khaled Dhedah , FACULTY OF SCIENCE GEOLOGY DEPARTMENT , Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Recent Earthquakes Activity in Northwest Libya
Mahmoud Hefny , South Valley University , Egypt
Bio- and microfacies analysis and depositional sequences of Bir Dakhl, North Eastern Desert, Egypt
mohammed el bastawesy , narss , Egypt
Hydrology and geomorphology of the Upper White Nile Lakes and their relevance for water resources management in the Nile basin
Mostafa Kamel Abdel Ghany , Al Azhar Univ. , Egypt
Recognition of granitic rocks using Landsat ETM+ images processing Eastern Desert, Egypt.
Sayed Selim , Aswan University , Egypt
Session VI. Environmental Science and Technology
Ahmed. Tawfik . , Egypt - Japan University for Science and Technology (E-Just); , Egypt
Innovative low cost technology for domestic wastewater treatment for reuse in irrigation purposes
abdallah ahmed mohammad alian , AL-AZHAR University , Egypt
The effect of the density of zooxanthellae on the growth rate of the scleractinian coral Acropora hemprichii from the northwestern Red Sea
Adel M. Kamal El-Dean , Assiut University , Egypt
Converting cellulosic agriculture wastes to renewable energy
Ahmad Mabrook Mohamad Heneash Heneash , National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Alexandria, Egypt , Egypt
Study of effect agriculture fish on zooplankton community at El-Mex fish farm- Alexandria
Ahmed Elgharably , Assiut University , Egypt
Effect of organic amendments on wheat growth and uptake of Cd and Pb in wastewater irrigated soil
Ahmed Ali Ahmed Ahmed El-Khatib , University of sohag , Egypt
Urban Tree Leaf as Bio-indicator for Ecosystem Health Degradation Due to Air Pollution around Superphosphate Fertilizers Plant, Assiut, Upper Egypt
Ahmed Yasseen Elmoghazy , City of Scientific Research and Technological Applications (SRTA-City) , Egypt
Alaa. G. M. Osman. , Al-Azhar university (Assiut) , Egypt
ALI FADIEL , Higher Institute of professions overall , Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Improve Energy and its Impact on the Environment
Athanasios Damialis , 1) Royal Holloway University of London, UK, 2) University of Ioannina, Greece , Greece
Climate change effects on fungi: experimental warming induces faster growth and increased allergenic spore production
Dashty Taher Akrawy , Akre Computer Institute , Iraq
Measurement of Radioactivity for 226Ra Radionuclide in Soil Samples from Bekhma region using Gamma Ray Spectrometry
doaa abd elhameed , Egypt Japan for science and technology , Egypt
Dr Z.F Fawzy Fawzy , National Research Centre , Egypt
Efficient Utilization of Agricultural Wastes
Dr Zakaria F.F. Hassan Abdalla , National Research Centre , Egypt
Micronutrients in soil and squash plant organs grown under different rates from minerals and organic fertilizers
Ehssan Nassef , Petrochemical Departement ,Faculty Of Eng.Pharos university in Alexandria , Egypt
Treatement of B-Naphthols from waste water by electrocoagulation.
Eman El-sayed , Alexandria , Egypt
fabrication of an inoranic nano-zirconium tungstovanadate ion exchanger to be utilized for heavy metal decontaminataion
Fatma Abd-Allah Mohamed Hamada , Aswan University , Egypt
Fuad Abdo Ahmed Saeed AS-SUBAIHI , Assuit University , Egypt
Natural radioactivity of ground water in some areas in Aden Governorate South of Yemen Region
Gharib M. Taha Taha , Aswan University , Egypt
Thermal Acid Activated Kaolin as Adsorbent for the Removal of Cd2+ , Pb2+ and Zn2+ from Their Aqueou
Heba Allah Elbaghdady , Mansoura university , Egypt
Session VII. Basic and Applied Zoological Researches
Adel Abo-El-Ela , Fayoum University , Egypt
Study of the life cycle of fig wax insect Ceroplases rusci and the predatory activity of E.Scutila under three different condtions
Afaf Elballouz , Assiut University , Egypt
Morphological study on the early developmental stages of the Egyptian toad, Bufo regularies tadpoles
Ahmed Ali Mustafa Mohammed , Environmental Researcher– Wadi El Gemal National Park – Red Sea, Government , Egypt
Reproductive biology of Mullus surmulatus (Linnaeus, 1758) from the Egyptian Mediterranean Sea
Ahmed Atwa Atwa , Al- Azhar , Egypt
Restoration of Fertility in experimental Azoospermic rat by transplantation of Mesenchymal stem cells
Ahmed Moustafa Helmy Ali , Assiut University , Egypt
Biochemical and molecular changes of Host Plodia interpunctella by Parasitism of Ectoparasitoid Bracon hebetor
Ahmed Said Elsayed Osman , Al-Azhar university (Assiut) , Egypt
Alaa El-Din Sayed , Assiut , Egypt
Genotoxicity induced by 4-Nonylphenol in adult and embryos of Clarias gariepinus
Ali Thabet , Al-Azhar University , Egypt
Phylogenetic relationships among Chitonida (Polyplacophora) inferred from partial sequence of 18S rRNA gene and morphological data
Ali Mohamed Ali Mahmoud , Assiut university , Egypt
Parasitism by the Endoparasitoid, Cotesia flavipes Induces Cellular Immunosuppression and Enhances Susceptibility of the Sugar Cane Borer, Diatraea saccharalis to Bacillus thuringiensis
Asmaa Metwaly , Assiut University , Egypt
Applied zoological research
Awatef Mohamed Ali , Alexandria University , Egypt
Cutaneous toxicity of gasoline as an environmental pollutant on mice skin : histological and ultrastrucural studies
Basem Abdel- Aty , National Institute of oceanography and fisheries , Egypt
Comparative study between the performances of Nile Tilapia Oreochromis niloticus during and out of the normal spawning season
doaa Mohamed , Assiut University , Egypt
Photosensitization processes to control the population of the adult flesh-fly, Pararsarcophaga argyrostoma (Robineau-Desvoidy)
Dr. M. Zubair Anjum Muhammad , PMAS- Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi , Pakistan
Fish Biology and Fisheries
Dr. Muhammad Mushtaq Muhammad , Zoology Department, PMAS Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi , Pakistan
Animal Ecology
dr.Amira El Desouki Mosbah MOhamed El Naggar , Researcher at plant protection Research Institute-A.R.C,Giza , Egypt
eatemad Awadalla , Aswan university , Egypt
The protective effect of Nigella sativa against cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in rats
Ez Alnaser Ebzio , Omar Al-Mukhtar University , Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Study Fisheries and some biological traits on Altrilla fish on the coast of Derna in Libya
Ezzat Mohammed Abd Allah Abd Allah , El azher university - Assuit , Egypt
Farhana Choudhry , University , Pakistan

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